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How to clean your computer's common sense

1, clean the monitor.
Clean into the shell of the display and the display of two parts.
Step 1 shell yellow or black are the main reasons why the dust and indoor smoke pollution. Can use a special cleaner to restore the shell as they are.
Step 2 use a soft brush to clean the ventilation gap of dust. Along the slit gently swipe, and secondary use of inflatable bladder to blow off the dust.
Step 3 for screen cleaning is slightly cumbersome, as the screen now comes with a protective coating, so it cannot use any solvent-based cleaning agents when cleaning, wipe cloth or lens paper glasses can be used. Wiping direction along one direction and repeatedly replace wiping cloth to prevent fabric again and already has a dirt to scratch the coating.
2, keyboard and mouse cleaning.
(1) clean Step 1 turn the keyboard upside down and slap the keyboard will cause keyboard Kajian crumbs out of the keyboard.
Step 2 use a neutral cleaning agent or computer special cleaner to clear the keyboard difficult to remove stains, clean with a damp cloth and drying out the keyboard.
Step 3 use cotton swabs to clean the keyboard slot in the dirt.
Similarly, the mouse used long after, also appears not to obey orders. This needs to be handled. In General, the mechanical mouse just to clean up the "body" in the scroll ball and rolling.
(2) cleaning Step 1 screw at the end of the mouse open mouse.
Step 2 use of detergents to clear the mouse scroll ball and rolling on the dirt, and then move the mouse can be installed.
Due to the optical mouse uses the seal design, so dust and dirt will not enter inside. Usually when you are using the mouse, mouse pad is best used, this will keep dust and dirt out of the mouse. BACK