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Clean the outer wall clean common sense

External cleansing practice for
1.0 purpose
Specifications air cleaning operations to ensure safety and quality.
2.0 scope
Building applies to property management companies within the jurisdiction of the external wall cleaning.
3.0 program
3.1 cleaning preparations
3.1.1 according to exterior wall decorative materials and smudgy degree selection, preparation of appropriate cleaner
1) clear external wall of cement, lime stains use hydrochloric acid cleaner
2) removes stains, rust stains, grease with universal wall cleaner, such as grease, rust stains when it is too strong, using hydrochloric acid cleaning agents (corrosion and strong safety);
3) outer wall with a glass cleaner.
3.1.2 detergent blending prepared, loaded into containers and brushes, wall brush, cloth and other cleaning tools together in a clean bucket.
3.1.3 on clean barrels, squirt gun fixed in the ceiling.
3.2 the underlying security.
3.2.1 ground floor pavement or sidewalk should be set up barricades, hanging on the warning signs, to warn pedestrians walking around, the pavement covered with plastic sheets in the forbidden zone, to protect the ground surface is not contaminated.
3.2.2 around buildings such as green belt in addition set up barricades, hanging signs outside the green zone to take protective measures against destruction of green belt.
3.2.3 above work when ready, check and correct operation.
3.3 external cleaning procedures.
3.3.1 ceiling down slowly, reaching the first position.
3.3.2 the use of water cannons at the cleaning water removal.
3.3.3 detergent applied to clean surface, wipe clean with a brush over the wall.
3.3.4 the use of net water cannons to spray water again.
3.3.5 gradually decline, followed by jobs, to the bottom.
Top 3.3.6 in order to carry out such work.
3.4 Spider-man notes.
3.4.1 attention firmly hand tools to prevent falls.
3.4.2 in the pass instruments or throwing objects from a height.
3.4.3 when homework was banned from talking and laughing.
3.4.4 when Spider-man was banned from Hupei bigger action.
3.4.5 wall attachment, avoid touching loss or hurt yourself.
3.4.6 monitoring personnel monitoring in place, is forbidden to leave.
3.5 high above the prohibitions.
3.5.1 under the following conditions, ban on Spider-Man:
1) safety rope with no check;
2) on-site monitoring personnel
3) wind over four levels or temperatures of over 35 ° C;
4) thunderstorm fog;
5) workers ' ill;
6) I do not want to operation cannot be forced to work.
3.6 after finishing Spider-man work.
3.6.1 all operators after the lifting ropes and tools.
3.6.2 removal of barricades and warning signs on the ground.
3.6.3 remove surface oil, out of plastic cloth.
3.6.4 the tools positions.
3.7 aerial work of management and storage of equipment.
3.7.1 find rope from the unit or when more than 3 broken within a single section, scrap processing.
3.7.2 the hanger plate parts on a belt are not allowed to disassemble.
3.7.3 lock is coated with lubricant.
3.7.4 hanging slings in a timely manner.
3.7.5 handling, prohibiting the use of barbs.
3.7.6 special custody, special use, allowed to borrow it.
3.7.7 stored in a dry and ventilated place.
4.0 standard
4.1 Visual no obvious dirt on walls, glass walls and bright, facing brick external wall color of light.
4.2 external wall cleaning once every quarter. BACK