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How to correctly use the cleaner-acid alkaline neutral detergents

To do a clean modern, various cleaning agents must be familiar with and master the nature, purpose and method. For different pollution, materials, selection of appropriate and effective medicine, remedy, removes stains and protects the surface, so as to really achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Currently used by the various detergents, regardless of species, which generally fall into three categories: acidic, alkaline and neutral. But note that point is: whatever grade decorative material, cleaning agent is not using the pH is too high, before use be sure to learn more about this detergent properties, concentration and range of use. Use detergent to take into account the following:
(1) use cleaner
(2) accurate dilution in water temperature suitable for
(3) to dissolve completely before using
(4) the use of cleaning equipment, traces of detergent to wash after using the above
(5) after acid and alkaline cleaners must have water
(6) any kind of detergent only in the right concentration to achieve best results, not the higher the concentration, the better, and sometimes concentration is too high, rather than damaging.
Two) proper use of acid and alkaline cleaners
Acidic cleaning agents to remove lime traces clean surface, cement track, scale and toilet very obstinate stains, as well as a variety of metal traces. Alkaline cleaning agents to remove all kinds of oil and remove the surface layer of wax. This detergent if used improperly, however, would not only cause a waste of detergent, but also varying degrees of damage to cleaning surfaces, it may even lead to skin damage. Therefore, using acid and alkaline cleaning agents should pay attention to the following:
Clearly its purpose, used for cleaning before the object's properties, initially confirmed availability of acidic cleaning agents. Before using any acid is carried on by the principal of the experiment, not blindly use (experiments in the corner).
Follow the instructions listed on the proportion to dilute detergent, diluted concentration concentration of small to large, and not liquid.
Be sure to wear gloves when using, avoid skin or eye contact with cleaning agents.
Clean and stop in the cleaning surface time should not be too long, clean finished to clean with plenty of water.
Acidic detergents are not suitable for marble, stone, glass, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal surface cleaning.
6, acidic cleaning agents dispensing and dilution should be made by supervisor or principal of hands-on, anyone else without permission are not allowed to deploy, dilute acid to clean.
7, acidic cleaning agents on the surrounding objects and personnel protection measures, placing signs.
8, no absolute neutral cleansing agent, so away clean toilets filled with clean bottles, cans, barrels to wash with the ground.
9, acid detergents shall not be installed in the washing machine water tank with mechanical cleaning, to prevent acid damage to the chassis of the machine if want to use water suction machine drawn work with acid and water stains, you want to use plastic water tank water machine, immediately with clear water after use clean engine in full.
10, the establishment of management systems using acidic cleaning agents, strictly control the use of acid to clean, carefully trained cleaning staff use acidic cleaning agents. BACK