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Kitchen stains clear way

1, with the leftover beer clean the countertop surface.
How to: scouring pad soaked in beer, and then clean the hearth of stubborn stains. Wipe, wipe the surface should be constantly replaced.
2, with orange peel and clean the tea stain porcelain.
How to: Orange skin surface and sprinkle with a pinch of salt, then wipe the tea stain porcelain. Salt tea stain can be removed, bright orange peels to make porcelain.
3, with rice water spray to clean stainless steel bronze.
How to: put rice water spray to clean the stainless steel vessels, and then wiped with a cotton cloth, food stains have to spray the rice water.
4, using the plastic wrap to clean stainless steel sinks.
How to: use cling film rolls into a ball, used to wipe the stainless steel sink. Due to friction fit, will not cause scratches.
Packaging of fruits and vegetables for 5, plastic scouring pad.
How to: plastic packaging of fruit and vegetables are collected, washed, dried, wipe the sink after the round, etc. If the stain is serious, can be dipped in a little detergent and then wipe.
6, using old newspaper to replace filter.
How to: lay old newspapers throughout the pool, then skewer poked a few holes in the paper, just make a disposable filter. You may be worried about, the newspaper will break, rest assured, will not be a problem.
7, with hair dryer deal with stubborn grease
How to: hair dryer to the top, facing the oil blow when wiping until you can smell the smell of oil is easy.
8, not hot soup to dredge pipeline.
How to: soup of boiled Lai, steamed rice and don't pour directly into a drain, dissolve the dirt, then washed away.
9, with scrubbing burnt pot used calling cards, magnetic cards.
How to: along with the soup, scraped clean of Coke gradually scale. Note that when not needed. If the card is made of hard plastic. Can also be used to scrape dirt on a gas stove.
10, clear kitchen wall of dirt with bread.
How to: use leftover bread soft parts, sticky can be erased. BACK