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How to clean the glass and the floor?

Onion glass brighter! Onion halves, cut to wipe the glass surface. While onion juice is still not dry, swift wipe with a dry cloth, glass will be very light, give it a try as soon as possible!
Wipe the glass with a clean Blackboard, is clean and bright and quick effort.
Small mirror or the wardrobe mirror and other dirt, use a soft cloth wet wipe dipped in wax or kerosene, must not be water to clean, wipe with water, not only mirror blurry, and corrosion of glass.
Fill up with water on the glass, causing much inconvenience to traffic, work and life, such as dry with a soft cloth dipped in SOAP, 90% shampoo or alcohol to clean the glass, it can be removed.
Paint stained glass doors and Windows, and wettability of cotton dipped in turpentine and paint spots available, after softening light scraping with a knife, you can restore the original luster.
① ink stains: wipe clean with turpentine. ② grease stains: with acetic acid solution add water, mix cleaning and degreasing cleaning agent. ③ tape stains: use a knife to scrape tape, using turpentine to clean again. Black pencil stains: wipe turpentine. ⑤ crayon stains: wipe free dry cloth moistened with turpentine. ⑥ colored pencil stains: wipe carefully with an eraser. If you wipe off, available detergent powder scrub
① wipe with a towel dipped in warm vinegar or beer glass, dirt on the glass can be quickly eliminated.
Secondly, put some chalk dust on the glass of water or plaster, dry with a cloth after cleaning, you can wipe the glass clean.
③ basin is some water, pour a little shampoo after mix, using it to wipe the glass, very clean and bright.
Black glass surface in winter frost cloth dipped in brine or spirits can be used to clean, works well.
⑤ scale on the glass, wipe clean with a cloth or silk dipped in toothpaste, wipe clean and bright.
F take a dry a wet piece of cloth, use a damp cloth to wipe the glass on both sides over again with a dry cloth and a small amount of white wine, and wipe the glass, clean and bright.
Newspapers and the result is very good. use a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth, then the newspaper
Wood floor maintenance
And maintenance
1. waterproof wood floors are most afraid of water. To prevent rain water out of the window in the summer. Winter watch heat running water in the House. If you accidentally spill water, even a little bit of tea, to be wiped clean with a soft cloth, dry, so as not to promote luster, even resulting in warping, cracking, or mildew. If not return to water indoor concrete floor wet (this is the most common situation rooms on the ground floor) and mildew caused deterioration, warping drums up, paint stripping, colour variation problems, after returning to water and damp problems must be addressed, refurbished replacement flooring.
2. fire burning cigarette butts and matches, and may not be on the floor, electric stove, electric cooker, electric irons, electric iron etc, in the absence of place-and flame-proof cushion before ironing, on which you are not free or easy to burn the wood floor. Not use gasoline to wipe dust or dirt on the surface, to prevent friction generate static electricity, caused the fire.
3. preventing damage Wood floors are easily damaged. Even the most minor of grey boulders, over time are easy to wear and tear of its surface rough and color marks. If you have a grey gravel, with a half wet soft cloth wipe in a timely manner. Average is best put on slippers before entering the Interior, no gravel into ash. Do not wear shoes studded with iron and hard soles were moving, so that its surface operations. Rough, heavy and high hardness materials, do not drag on the wooden floor. When should pad protection cushion, and with care; edges and the bottom surface, let alone placed directly on a wooden floor in case operations. If there is action, should repair at any time in good condition. Repaired, whether binding arrangement, format, or paint colors, should seek to restore, not inconsistent with overall wood flooring is not coordinated, and affect the overall appearance.
4. dirt-proof flooring is also afraid of the dirt. If it is a water soluble substances left by dirt, wipe the dust, and then with a soft cloth dipped in thick tea, Amoy water soak orange peel or orange peel water to clean. This will not only remove dirt, to recover his film surge if it is phlegm, Balsam, oil paint and other difficult to remove dirt, do not rush to wipe with gasoline, and the reasons are as stated. Must carefully distinguish the nature of dirt before we decide to take a different approach and different detergents to clean up. Didn't make it the property of detergents, not free use, so as to avoid floor damage caused by the chemical reaction with the paint. Do not use easy to damage. Do not use hard or easy to damage the film cutter to spatula. Should consult a specialist and master management programmes.
Second, maintenance
1. anti-fouling every two or three months, can a floor wax on the floor. Before waxing, scale should be dust, then use a clean lint-free soft cloth dipped in wax, starting from the side edge of the wooden floor, rings wipe on the surface in turn. Even after wiping again, then use the original cloth (no longer dipping wax) from the edge of the wipe, according to the aforesaid programmes followed by wiping it all over again. Floor surface waxed, clean this city, and not only a new look, but also to protect the paint film, delaying the effects of aging.
2. Paint after three or five years of use, original paint the floor of the same painting, repainting the floor again. In addition to dust before painting to scale, but also fine silicon carbide paper, dipped in warm water, gently polished surface again, refining oil residue on it, and rub off the last paint small paint particles. After polishing with a clean rag to wipe clean, then brushing paint. Painted floor, smoother, cleaner and more shiny.
Compound wooden floor daily clean up is very simple, simply vacuum the dust with half wet cloth, swab, wipe, pay attention to MOP should not be too wet and dry after use. -Wooden floor surface with a layer of very thin crystals of aluminum oxide wear layer, layer damage it will cause damage to the floor,
Therefore, if accidentally composite wood flooring Nail Polish, inks, wines and other pollution should immediately scrubbed with nail polish remover, cleaning agent, use do not use sandpaper, wary of chemicals such as cleaning agents, do not wax, paint, to prevent damage to the surface wear layer.
If part of the compound wood floor damaged, need to be updated, damaged parts removed, follow the Setup program to reinstall, should pay attention to old and new Board handing over part of the old boards Stick adhesive should be removed from the Ministry.
Maintenance of cork flooring
1 more maintenance than other wood flooring, cork flooring is easy, in the course of using, it is best to avoid bringing sand into the Interior, some sand into or worn flooring. Because the sand was brought in after being pressed into the elastic at the foot, when leaving, and will be ejected. Of course to remind here, should not be brought into too dirty, too much sand, still flows to this wear, therefore, into the Interior of sand should be cleared in a timely manner, generally do not need to be equipped with a vacuum cleaner, don't have to worry about moisture warping, mildew, and so on.
2, after three or five years of use if any wear, can be partially used up, that is again adding a coating at the local, the method is simple, worn lightly with sandpaper, clear the dirt on the surface, then wipe with a dry soft cloth to gently clean, re-coating coatings, polyester film or in partial reply.
3, for the paint surfaces like solid wood flooring, cork flooring maintenance, usually half a floor wax can. Resin wear-resistant layer on the surface of the cork flooring and laminate flooring as easy care.
Maintenance of bamboo flooring
Proper use and maintenance is very important to remain beautiful and durable Bamboo flooring. In recent years, with the development of bamboo-processing industry, more and more users use bamboo flooring, more and more recognized by the consumers of this product. But since some users don't know much about the maintenance of bamboo flooring, therefore, using problems to complain have also occurred in the process. In this case, which requires manufacturers to improve after-sales service and requires consumers to understand the use of knowledge, to protect the interests of both production and marketing. Bamboo flooring in everyday use, we should pay attention to the following:
(A) maintaining ventilation and dry environment for
Regularly maintain good indoor ventilation, both of volatile chemicals can make the floor as much as possible, into the outdoors, but also the exchange of indoor air with outdoor. Especially in the case of uninhabited for a long time, maintenance and ventilation in the room is more important. Commonly used approaches are: keep Windows open or doors, convection, or with air conditioning systems and ventilation systems, so as to create an indoor dry and clean environment.
(B) avoid insolation and rain soaked
Houses sunshine or rain directly into the room through the window to the local scope, it will harm the Bamboo flooring. Sunshine will accelerate the aging of the paint and plastic, and can cause shrinkage and cracking of the floor. After the rain soaked bamboo absorbs water causing swelling, which may also make the floors of moldy. In everyday use, therefore special attention.
(C) to avoid damaging the floor surface
Bamboo floor finish is a decorative layer of the floor, cover the floor and, therefore, should avoid hard objects impact weapon, such as scratches, friction of metals, chemicals cannot be stored indoors. In addition, furniture moving, moving should be handled with care, should cushion rubber furniture feet and. Public places, bedding carpeting on the main channel, and so on.
(D) the right care cleaning
In daily use, should routinely clean the floors, keeping the floor clean and sanitary. When cleaning, start with a clean broom to sweep dust and debris and then wipe with a wring out the cloth of water artificial, such as the area is too large, butuo can be washed, and hung to drain water, used to tow a net ground. We cannot wash or clean with a wet cloth or a MOP. Usually if there is a water-containing substances spilled on the ground, and immediately wipe dry with a dry cloth.
If conditions allow, and interval with floor wax to enhance the protection of flooring. Painted surfaces if damaged, can use ordinary varnish-filled or the manufacturer to fix it. BACK