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External walls of buildings cleaning and maintenance matters needing attention in construction

(1) aerial work, security is a priority, strengthen safety education is necessary.
(2) must be based on actual measurements of the wind speed is less than 10.8 m/s to determine whether the next lift construction.
(3) do not allow rain, snow, fog and other complex weather and dark the next lift construction. (Olymcn tips note the eye)
(4) construction environments from the high voltage line distance must be greater than 10 meters.
(5) hanger under construction, should avoid direct rays of the Sun and the rotation of wind at the right time.
(6) all hang under construction safety, construction equipment, and must be purchased as required in an eligible distribution vendors, and save the certificate, certification.
(7) the crane under construction personnel have the right to refuse unsafe environment in the construction and use of unsafe safety gear.
(8) construction, construction progress of cleaning and maintenance should not be overemphasized to the neglect of safety and quality. BACK