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Car audio system moisture treatment

Summer temperatures rise, the rainy season has come, car audio in harsh environments prone to failure, but failure is caused by improper use, can be avoided.
1, tape failures: the car was parked outside in the summer, some car owners will tape on top of the instrument panel, due to tape shell is made of chemical materials, high temperature deformation, into the cassette in the machine. High temperature will also make core soft sticky, will have a volume failure. First of all check the tightness of the tape used, loose to wind up with a finger or a pencil?, close with fast-rolling back and forth to make it relax. If the tape directory sign up above to paste or torn off, otherwise there will be a no fault. Tape when you shut down or is not used in a long time, it is best to tape out, some half-logical movement pressure roller pressed the tape after tape into the long lead puck deformation.
2, CD failure: in the Park due to the sunlight temperature is too high, sometimes using CD drive does not work, this is normal, and excessive temperature protection circuit working. Wet the wet, CD albums often has a mist on the surface, reading difficulties will arise, it is best to scrub every once in a while. When installing the CD drive in order to avoid damp, do not install the base plate and seat, preferably installed high in the body, but do not install the rear windscreen, higher temperatures will cause the electronic components and accelerated aging laser head.? (The brighter cleaning tips note the eye)
Factors affecting car audio to work properly in the summer was hot and humid. Car stereo installed in the upper part of the instrument panel, in order to avoid sun exposure, sun visor is better. If doors and Windows sealed lax should be replaced, otherwise the speakers are prone to corrosion and damage, or even cause a short circuit burned host. BACK