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Don't forget spring cleaning the car air conditioning

If you are not all winter maintenance cleaning of the air conditioning system when your air conditioner is turned on, there will be odors. This is because in the car while driving, from air conditioning into the outlet inhalation of excessive dust, dirt, adsorbed on evaporation tank and air conditioning system, breeding ground for a large number of bacteria, fungus and mites. In this environment for a long time, people will feel dizziness, nausea and even induce respiratory diseases. Therefore, the air conditioning system should be carried out a thorough cleaning before use.
Auto air conditioning air inlet air filter and cleaning remove the filter, open the door, window, air conditioners to top, air cleaning agent sprayed into the intake and closure of air outlet, avoid cleaning agent flows during operation. Start the car, let the cleaning agent for internal circulation in the air conditioning system, ensure that the cleaning cycle to air conditioning systems each channel can effectively clean system, kill bacteria, and the output of fresh air. After cleaning, dirt in the air conditioning system with air duct system out of the cleaning agent from the chassis. Clean air conditioning system can not only enhance the cooling effect, but also can effectively extend the life of air conditioning. After cleaning the air conditioning system, it is recommended that replacement of the air conditioning filter or existing filters clean and then put back in place. BACK