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Family wood floor maintenance of common sense

A room, solid wood floor normally should be kept the floor dry, humidity in the room should not be too large, clean dry cotton swab should be used when cleaning; in case of stubborn stains, you can use neutral cleaning solvent and wipe clean with a dry cotton MOP, do not use acid and alkaline solvents, or organic solvents such as gasoline and scrubbed floors.
Second, daily use of solid wood flooring should be taken to avoid hard objects to scratch the floor; not to drag and move the surface of the floor or furniture items such as; don't make direct contact with open flames or placed on the floor the floor high power heater if water were poured on the floor dry immediately, the absolute prohibition of flooding for a long time.
Three, recommended that floor wax twice a year to do maintenance to keep the beauty of wood floors and extending the service life of floor. Before waxing the floor clean and evenly on the surface floor wax, light wipe with a polishing machine.
Four, if the floor is a large area of flooding, water as soon as possible and let the floor dry, do not use the electric drying.
Five, the steep temperature may cause premature aging of the wood floor finish, so you can't make floors exposed to strong sunlight for a long time. BACK