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Residential garden design and environmental psychology

Courtyard space of environmental psychology and design residential gardens is a residents ' most frequent outdoor activity venue, housing courtyard space design are closely related to people's feelings, at design time in relation to environmental psychology, considering its physiological, safety, social, leisure and self fulfilling the needs of many. The so-called environmental psychology, is based on psychological theories and methods to study the environment and in the interactions between science, focuses on the optimization of the relationship between people and the environment, emphasizing the interaction between people and the environment nature of goal orientation and circulation. Life in environment in the of people on "entity environment" stimulus can for store, and understand, and organization and heavy frame, formed like or not like of feel, then effect to people of behavior, even formed "environment pressure". residential garden space as a external space environment, should has belonging sense, and field sense, and private sex and practical, then created out human, and function of of beauty of space.
Control action of Chinese traditional culture, human behavior is often influenced by factors outside of bondage. Enclosed space prone to Visual monitoring, is not conducive to public activities. Within stable groups, familiar with the sight of the inhabitants of interference even more uncomfortable. Should be designed to reduce the permeability of the environment, will be restored to a natural state, avoiding eye monitor. Established local natural walls in the courtyard or block the line of sight of the trees, like residents of the quiet, comfortable piece of mind to steal at Hyatt place, create safe, with environment in the area. Is an instinctive behavior for people in the area, it was under the influence of cultural background. Trends of social groups is to create a sense of intimacy, protection, security, forming a defensible space area. Meanwhile, space gives a sense of pride and responsibility in the field, prompting residents to protect their life and reduce destructive behaviors, create security. People built a a building space, are has its special of purpose "salivary value thought device, dang its no, has device of with, chisel households Fu thought room, dang its no, has room of with". traditional of garden is rest, and rally, and contacts, and banquet of shared space, modern residential garden space of design should focused on external space of practical, makes people willing to stay which, and can feel to life of taste. Design before I should record the garden base pleasing qualities, so without destroying the original features in the plan, such as the unique landscape and diverse cultural and environmental dimensions, and base design and harmony with the surrounding environment.
1, entrance to the garden design
By residential roads into the garden, should make people feel space changes, population reminder and played a role in limited space areas, population is not representational, it must be able to arouse people's awareness of space. Population is generally located in the tour road at its junction with them, but in the middle of the courtyard, also off center, its relationship with the garden, determine the form of internal transport with the garden layout. Regardless of internal garden or it of enclosure real is what of form, separated space of clear way is set a actual of or hinted of "vertical surface". this vertical surface or for short wall, and short column, or for garden and outside of elevation changes, it will space each other difference, separate "here" and "he at". population of form can imitation building of door, take population of intended also take building or garden in the of symbol symbol, used "sculpture" way, up to prelude of role or and of compared, Borders and stressed the increased population as an aspect of the premises.
2, the space Division of
Courtyard space according to the different nature of human activities, can be divided into space and dead space. Space can be used for travel, walking, exercise or game dead space can be used to sit waiting, watching, reading, and talking, and so on. Movement space hope open flat, and no obstacles real, space distinguish and qualified natural, with modern affinity sense, can design into joy of free space, and soft and smooth of Pu loaded pattern, and unlimited of activities district, to light of, and natural of image and warm of color, and lively of site facilities to foil space of joy scene static delay space hope relative closed, which can set chairs, and lighting lamps, leisure supplies, distribution to densely of green and short wall, and moving district phase isolation, Quiet zone should provide for the creation of peace and comfortable facilities and interesting activity view, should be designed to be relaxed, laid-back, casual. Familiar architectural image, smooth lines, stable structure, harmonic texture and soft lighting create a leisure space and relaxation.
3, courtyard greening design
Gardens residents of Greenland is most commonly used in residential areas and leisure venues, the design should emphasize openness and extraversion, for residents to visit.
Layout flowers, wood should be free in the Green, the garden path can be designed into a smooth curve to guide spatial variation. Greenland forms should be geared to people's lives, behavior and psychology, and sense of the times. When landscaping, you can use the natural shape and geometry of the composition, and with abstract graphics and chunks of color, the green space full of artificial decorative beauty. Garden space in the sports and leisure area through the green wall, isolating and linking to form functional, ornamental landscape environment of both. Hedges, trees, walls and other vertical interface that can be used as space, enclosed space, the edge of the area. Interface higher, nearer, more dense, the stronger qualifying. Rest area can be set up in this edge to keep out of sight, formed with close and intimate, subtle, characteristics of defence area. In open areas, reducing the height of green limited, space can be less restrictive, formed a public, open and contacts features. Interface between flower and tree Crown can be used as a space, such as level, a certain awareness of potential space and security.
Using the principles of light and shade, clever arrangement garden green, its shade makes buildings, venues, showing many layers, enhancing their sense of the deep. In a bright space to set off the dark form, can make people feel more fun and imagination. Dense flower is covered by flowers, flower racks inside the dark and scored some ray of sunshine, can bring a sense of fantasy. White walls reflecting strong, can make its enclosed space, bright, if planting trees around it, enclosed by stone walls ring, you can make the light soft and deep.
4 shaping, short-form
Main decorative sculptures, an ornamental piece. Design should be combined with the overall environment, should control the self-expression of ideas, according to determine the volume and scale of space capacity, and do not pursue major genre and tall body, in order to become one with your environment, complement each other. To create a unique residential style, enhancing Visual continuity, sculptures from different angles to show the unifying theme. In addition, the sculpture as garden landscape decoration, having gorgeous, stylish, should focus more on the rendering of the breath of life. Can also use traditional gardening techniques, inductive, body proportions in the garden proper, small and elegant pavilions, corridors and other architectural pieces, and can bring a wealth of cultural art to enjoy. Water are the most spectacular, the most active ingredient in nature, its charm, the momentum and flow of sound in order to give beauty and reverie, the water in the space of the art form can pose great water views, bring out the pleasant atmosphere of the space. Or decorate small bridges or set in the garden is a fountain, pool, form view or watch the focus of garden space in the show hierarchy and sequence at the same time achieve the blend of emotion and scenery.
5, color and tone
Environment in the presence of light to produce rich and varied colors, color and light through different emphasis or suppression, can weaken or unsightly part of the minor, created important parts or optical Center. Color is a language that can be used as a signal in the design of different facilities for different colors such as sculpture, fountain, light, Chair or local regions using artificial or natural color, can make the environment more humane, overcome the mechanical sense of indifference. Artificial light and natural light to create an atmosphere that adds another dimension to space, which simplify or rich. Different colors for different distances Gao Mingdu warm feel close to, low brightness of cool colors make people feel back to narrow.
Shades of the same color easy uniform, and contrasting colors are easier to change, Garden space you want to create an atmosphere of cordial neighbor, bright colors should be used to form a fresh, rich and harmonious color, changes of the space environment.
Residential garden design should be created in line with the aesthetic principle of unity in diversity, has the heart of Visual effects and human landscape. Landscape modeling should be coordinated in a courtyard space, against each other, form a harmonious whole, form an ordered sequence of spaces. Space facilities shall comply with ergonomics, design of human kind and pleasant, the elements of unity in diversity, space image of simple and clean, with characteristics of the times and aesthetic appeal. Garden design should pay attention to the diversity of people's psychological needs, seeks to go beyond themes, create personal meaning of environment, give people a sense of belonging, a sense of sense and rely on the field. Courtyard space environment is full of personality through color, finishes, and textures for different treatment form, shaping the personality of courtyard space will help strengthen gardens to people's Visual and emotional appeal. Space of personality in people mood Shang by caused of reaction can makes people get deep of impression and special of beauty, personalized of design is through visible of shape, and scale, and color and texture to performance of, and deep connotation of character identity and atmosphere feel is is through people of physiological, and psychological experience to expression of, its place features can from traditional houses in the for search, analysis its courtyard of formed and proportion relationship, to created out has culture features of courtyard environment. Environment psychology is social sciences, is human ecology, its purpose is to "clarified people on buildings and around environment or space of feel, and experience, and cognitive, to developed a standard, makes architects of design no longer limited to rely on narrow of function doctrine, and can into people a is humanity needs of realm". so "psychology is a door widened function doctrine of boundaries, pursuit human of fundamental problem and proved environment quality of modern learned one of". we in Garden space design Shi, Should meet the requirements of architectural and environmental psychology context, creating a good environment, forming areas of beauty, sense of belonging, sense, security, application, and people willing to stay in the courtyard space and housing, roads, together, constitute a good living environment. BACK