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Pavement cleaning time must be within 14 hours

Referring to poor health status of the retired elderly in Beijing, 24th organization in Sanya city, Hainan Province, hundreds of workers were cleared. Haitang Bay has begun to act on 24th and 25th, cleaned to wuzhizhou island roads the previous huge dump, cleaned out of all kinds of junk 140 vehicles.
25th, reporters saw haiyue Plaza, Sanya Bay Road, square pools have begun dredging, road side has been cleared.
25th, Garden of Sanya city sanitation Bureau issued "on strengthening the management of urban secondary trunk road sanitation" notice. The notification requirement, Sanya's sanitation workers will be trained to enhance their operational capacity. For each worker, puts forward a clear road sweeping and cleaning standards, job specifications.
Meanwhile, cleaning of urban secondary trunk road work must be completed before 7:30 A.M., cleaning of waste must be cleaned away before 7:30. Pavement cleaning time must be more than 14 hours, the implementation of round-the-clock cleaning. Meanwhile, further strengthen menqiansanbao system, signed responsibility and liability.
Garden sanitation Authority said Qian Zm in Sanya city, is an international tourist city of Sanya, the next step will take into account the context of Hong Kong, Singapore model, establish a strict responsibility and punishment mechanism, let everyone move to jointly safeguard Sanya's sanitation, love Sanya blue sky, green grass, sea, sandy beaches.
24th meeting of the Sanya Municipal Government Executive meeting also determined that Sanya will accelerate the improvement of urban infrastructure facilities, implementing the long-term mechanism, relevant departments responsible for work are not in place, to be investigated for responsibility, accountability mechanisms for the city at management level to provide system and the system of health protection.
Jiang Zelin, Secretary of CPC Sanya municipal Committee 25th said in an interview, urban health is a basic project, is everyone's responsibility. Sanya will divide in the city area of responsibility of health and sanitation coverage to every corner of the urban and rural areas, and the establishment of strict accountability, assessment criteria and the reward and punishment mechanism to a long-term mechanism to promote Sanya city face a greater level of health. BACK