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Sanya thieves walked away he was stealing alcohol and tobacco control computer

"The lock on the gate of the shop without any damage, but with alcohol, cigarettes, cash, mobile phones and computers, a total value of more than 60,000 worth of property is stolen. "July 26, in Sanya Lai ditch road Lai Chi Kok ditch market near a smoke wine firm of Yin Mr call newspaper hotline to South Island evening reporter reflect, July 25 morning, thief" to "has he of shop, will shop within of large wine smoke, and one phone and thousands of Yuan cash stole, most let Yin Mr was angry of is, shop within of monitoring host also was thief away. This reporter has learned, South of Sanya Public Security Bureau new police stations have filed, and now the case is under further investigation.
Wine store worth more than 1300 Yuan only a glass box
According to Mr Yoon introduces his tobacco firms already in operation for nearly two years the time, usually in addition to a meal break on the second floor of the shop, other times working in the shop on the first floor. On July 24 at 11 o'clock, with his usual closing, will lock the gates after he returned to the second floor of the shop to rest. At 7 o'clock in the morning when he came downstairs to open the next day, all surprised him in the shop. "Shops were turned upside down, place wine has been on the side of the counter. "Mr Yoon told reporters that the alcohol was removed as maotai, Hennessy and other more expensive wines, he discovered several cartons of cigarettes in the store is gone, which placed it on the counter in the dozens of bags of China, Furong Wang cigarettes were gone, leaving only a few boxes of cheap cigarettes. Mr rangyin is strange, store the iron gate was not damaged, and can be locked.
Mr Tsunetada inventory found that shops were moved out of wine worth more than 40,000 yuan worth more than 7,000 cigarettes more than did the shops in which the robbers take thousands of Yuan in cash. "My cell phone was on the edge of the bed, was taken by thieves. "Mr Yoon told reporters that anger him most is that thieves even inside the shops of more than more than 3,000 yuan worth of monitoring host computer can also be taken away. Tsunetada estimated total value of lost property has more than 60,000 yuan, he immediately called the 110 emergency call to police. BACK