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Sequelae of Sanya's sanitation workers hurt when the company ceased to medical expenses

NET Sanya of South China Sea, March 16 (South reporter SI-SI Liu Jia) on March 16, the Lady Li to the South China Sea net "users to write news" column, calling her mother on November 20 last year in Hainan Lingshui when balconies fell from the 2 floor, has not fully recovered, 1 month after the mother is admitted the company ceased the medical expenses. Daily medical expenses and the cost of care, Lee ran into trouble from poor family.
Female laborers injured on the company ceased medical
The morning of March 16, reporter came to Sanya of South China Sea 425 hospital in-patient Department, sees the mother of Liu Junhua, from Sichuan province. It is understood that last April, Liu Junhua to Hainan Lingshui worked in early November in Jimei environmental beauty care Ltd Lingshui, Haikou branch doing odd jobs, doing some cleaning work. On November 20 at about 10 o'clock in the morning, when she is in a Villa, 2/f, clean the glass fell down from the ledge, coma, and timely rescue and treatment by hospitals, now her condition has stabilized, leaving sequelae, often feeling dizzy, headaches, intermittent seizures, has lost its basic abilities.
Lee told reporters that her father is a farmer, mother just before the village teacher, there are more than 80 years old dependent grandparents, but also for her and her sister to study, in order to ease the economic pressure, parents can work to earn money. Expensive medical bills have already spent all their savings and borrow money from relatives and friends also take over the, try to borrow from loan sharks. If discharged, the mother could not be fully recovered, continued hospitalization, family can not afford medical expenses. Spent 4 months in the hospital and watched as beds for a group after group of people next door, Liu Junhua family is sad all the time.
Ms Lee also said, on January 5 this year, companies have been paying more than 50,000 yuan bills, but after seeing Liu Junhua's condition has improved markedly, stops continued to bear the medical expenses of the company. Now nearly 3 months of medical expenses are maintained by borrowing them. They have written to the sea to find company official, they were very adamant, even threatening tone, then call or use various pretexts refused, the company also does not appear again in the hospital. They do not have the money to meet the seek company compensation.
Doctor Xu Hui Liu Junhua told reporters that Liu Junhua current vital signs while stable gradually, but with sequelae, left thumb movement disorder, has had two seizures. Faced with this situation, can only continue with the antiepileptic treatment drugs relieve and strengthen functional exercise of limbs and psychological counselling.
Company: judicial procedure compensation
Contacted Haikou Jimei Environment Designer Wang Xiao, General Manager, and he told reporters that when it happened, they had to take Liu Junhua to hospitals for treatment, and have paid more than more than 50,000 medical bills, they can't advance endlessly, because they do not know how much money they want to spend on their treatment of patients, did not know how much compensation limits.
"The question of compensation not Liu Junhua and they lose pay how much, Liu Junhua has largely recovered, this issue is not repaying medical bills. These problems cannot be reconciliation, and reconciliation before the law is invalid. Sequelae of the question of compensation needed disability identification center designated by the Court, Liu Junhua can be brought to court, the normal judicial process, the Court ruling how much compensation we will cost a lot. "
Lingshui County labor dispute arbitration Committee: not consistent, inadmissible
Lingshui County relating to the labor dispute Arbitration Commission said Liu Junhua and Haikou Jimei environmental beauty care Ltd is a verbal agreement by both parties, wage calculation and pay you at 80 Yuan a day, belongs to temporary employment, belonging to labor relations, labor contracts, does not fall within the scope of labor disputes, the Commission is inadmissible.
It is understood that Liu Junhua and Jimei environmental protection limited in Haikou, Lingshui County, the labor dispute Arbitration Commission mediation under the auspices of the Wang, but specific content dispute on both sides did not reach an agreement.
Attorney: when injured hospitalized, company must bear all costs
Hainan dahong Wang Hongxin law says injured are still in hospital receiving treatment, the company must, in accordance with labour laws and insurance regulations regarding industrial injuries to the victim to pay all medical bills until the victim out of hospital. Injured after recovered from illness, and if there were sequelae, related to the question of compensation can be carried out by the Labour Inspectorate mediation or directly to a people's Court. BACK