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Sanya cleaning lady to resign had not been granted: want to quit looking for someone to replace

A cleaning lady to resign had not been approved, last month paid over half did not get to this newspaper for help
This unit too dominating: want to quit looking for someone to replace
Evening news-South Island Meng Jian
Intern Yang Xiaojia
19th, the cleaning Lady Zhao to the evening paper of the South Island line reflects, she resigned last year to the former property company, the other side to ask her to find workers to fill her position allowed her to resign, Ms Zhao angrily left the property companies, but last month refused to pay her wages and deposit.
According to Zhao introduced in February last year, she went to a community engaged in cleaning staff at Sanya Bay Road. "I am responsible for the health of two residential buildings. "Zhao said that just work, her salary is 670 Yuan a month, living, and food. However, she later found that "food" does not include breakfast, while property firms also deducted from your salary every month 50 Yuan deposit.
"Because I was too tired, and low wages. "Zhao said that in May last year, she has made to the property Director of the customer service center of the small application for resignation, then each other orally agreed to her request. "By the end of May, there were two workers cleaning job interview, but a few days was gone. "Zhao said that may be because such a situation, d Director said people could not be found, therefore not approved her resignation.
"Ding Director told me, since I don't have a written resignation to fill while workers therefore do not allow me to resign. "Ms Zhao said, previously said that she did not have to write letter of resignation, claimed that he was going to be able to workers, results to workers not to quit in two days. "So I and d Director of theory, he asked me to find workers to fill in for my post, when workers found when walking. "Ms Zhao said she angrily left the area on June 1.
Ms Zhao found her last work in residential property has yet to pay one month's salary on the card. "I call Ding, Director, he said I don't have to find workers to fill, not to approve the resignation, last month's wages and no, deposit is not refundable. "Ms Zhao said angrily.
"After half a year, a lot of people advised me not to take the hundreds of dollars. "Ms Zhao told reporters that although not much money, but she was hard earned, and saw this years ago after special action for unpaid wages, to reporters she call this hotline for help.
That afternoon, the reporters accompanied Zhao came to her earlier work of the community and found property service of qi, Deputy Director of the Center. Qi, Deputy Director, said Ding, Director of the property previously had resigned, the current case can only be verified first before you can reply to Ms Zhao. "Ms Zhao worked in property company did not submit his resignation before the resignation, left without approval amounted to an unauthorized leave. "Qi, Deputy Director, said.
"For Zhao's salary, we have to reflect and will reply as soon as possible after verifying the company Ms Zhao. "Qi, Deputy Director of the last Express.

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