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Ware quality sanitary grade carved small bathroom

If you continue to believe that the living area is the only measure of quality standards, then obviously you are behind the times. Now, with the emergence of more small apartment living room, young people on housing needs, from simple desire for the area transformed into a home design and home the pursuit of product quality. More below 90 square meters apartment in ongoing cases, cost increase in a certain area in square meters decoration, proof to some extent: high quality materials and high quality decoration is increasingly popular. Among them, four or five square meters of small bathroom inputs showed an upward trend.
People can not go into the kitchen to Cook, perhaps there is no time to stay in the living room, but absolutely inevitable bathroom. Attitudes toward home minimum space, directly reflects the owner's demand for quality of life. When visiting the large bathroom brand reporter found, a wide variety of bathroom market is moving towards high technology trend of high comfort. So, when carving a small bathroom, be sure not to pick ware shapes, more importantly and see its features and water saving.
The cozy bathroom experience: the perfect shower bath, close to nature when an interior designer, his quality of life is very high. Family everything they have varying degrees of design. He likes to enjoy the bath life, especially the bathroom shower can in no way make do. When he heard that Hansgrohe air injection techniques, he did some research, found that the shower water with air injection technology feel more comfortable, no general disadvantages of shower stimulates the skin, and, like rain and spilled water on the rocks. Finally, he bought this shower, enjoying bathing in the natural ease with which every day.
Comfortable small bathroom experience II: intelligent leading sat will more thoughtful set hip cleaning, and warm water regulation, and seat circle heating, and automatically except smelly, and drying, and mute seated, function Yu a of intelligent toilet; without switch as long as out hand on has temperature moderate of flow down of induction leading, and has developed time or memory time of function; set temperature moderate of flow, and wonderful of music and soft of lights Yu one of intelligent massage bathtub, these are is King ladies home most Italian of equipped with, although price partial high, but she think, Smart products gives her more thoughtful bathroom experience, from comfort, is quite worth it.
The cozy bathroom experience three: home SPA essential Zhao Lady like to SPA, comfortable room, in addition to regular SPA Pavilion, she will be a small 4 square meters bathroom into a home SPA, model and her design is the big Court Health Center. A comfortable shower room, equipped with latest Hansgrohe "sky" showers, various functions of the essential oils, massage oils, beautifully scented furnace, repair of body tools, small bathroom, thanks to the powerful storage capabilities, to hold so much baby. In general domestic unit, bathroom surfaces tend to be limited between 4-6 square meters, in addition to install a small bath, toilet and wash basin, there are other ways you can upgrade with the same quality of the space? The designers said in an interview, mastering a few simple tips, you can create both beauty and practicality perfect for small bathroom.
A cleverly choreographed tiles bathroom out of the ordinary in the dark tiles horizontally by adding a bright yellow tiles, make small spaces and dreary feeling wiped out. Tile surface a raised Twill not only break the vertical linear equalization, but also making the walls full of tension. Color contrast comparison with lines, is to make small bathroom look stylish with Designer key. In addition, purchase a few master of hand-painted tiles, and ordinary plain ceramic tile, can play a role in dotting the walls.
Two installed more mirrors extend space mirrors in the bathroom is not unusual, but equip two or even three wall mirrors are rare. In fact, needless to say, this is the simplest and best understood method of decoration, bright space permeability, which hosts daily dress fun---a mirror, attempting to discover another side of himself.
C fit arrangement every inch of space in a small bathroom Bathroom furniture is precious, but assorted toiletries must also be fully incorporated. Wall mounted bathroom furniture is a good option. Bath mirror and closet phase combined, double function very practical; and hanging wall type of basin cabinet not only storage capacity super strong, also not occupied ground space, is convenient ground of care; hidden in bathtub following of storage real grid towards has more space, can mobile of storage real cabinet, flexible and practical, without of when can put in wash basin following; mirror behind of storage real box, even inside things pendulum have again mess, a closed still quiet neatly. BACK