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52 companies became one of the first cleaner production audit

Further this year to promote cleaner production, on February 13, the municipal economic and Trade Commission, the municipal environmental protection Bureau determined that 52 companies for the first cleaner production audit in our city. Attend the first cleaner production audit unit are required to take the following measures. Snatching from the product, the preventive environmental protection factors into product design, development and production of environmentally friendly, less harmful cleaning products.
In raw options starting from the protection of the environment, giving priority to the innocuous, low toxicity, low pollution raw material substitution the toxicity of raw and auxiliary materials, to prevent harm to humans and the environment of raw materials and products. Optimizing the production process, reducing resource waste and pollution generated in the production process, maximize achieve less waste or waste-free production. Saving energy and raw materials, improve resource utilization, all part of raw materials through production process as much as possible into products or consume as little as possible. Comprehensive utilization of resources and material recycling system as much as possible in order to save resources, aiming at reducing pollution.
Production process of reform, the development of new technology, resource and energy efficiency high, less pollutant emissions of new processes and equipment, instead of those great waste of resources and serious pollution of backward technology and equipment. Strengthening scientific management, improve operations, and implement positions and objectives. Through clean production of a series of measures to promote the improvement of the overall quality, energy consumption, consumption, water consumption and pollutant emissions to achieve control, improving the production and living conditions of workers, thus contributing to production on the road to healthy development. I city clean production audit work will according to national environmental General prepared of enterprise clean production audit manual of provides, through planning and organization, pre assessment, assessment, clean production alternative programme of produced and filter, programme feasibility analysis, clean production programme implementation Hou analysis, and track, and validation programme of actual effect, prepared clean production audit report, 7 a stage 35 a steps requirements organization implementation. BACK