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New car owners will deal with air pollution near 10% new car smell

After more than four years after the call, vehicle interior air quality standards has finally taken a substantial step forward--in-car air pollution in the nation's testing standards. Xinhua has learned the SEPA in the website official issue of the volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones-sampling method for determination of (hereinafter referred to as the determination), and implemented as from tomorrow. Foshan, several vendors said that although the authorities refer to the standard for indoor air sampling, there are at least seven in-car air quality problems, but less than 10% people at the time of purchase of a new car to handle the harmful odor inside the car.
Status: owners of less than 10% new car smell After a lot of people in the House, are ventilation again after one or two months to live in. But compared with attitudes towards pollution of the House, people's attitudes towards new car pollution opposite. Journalists in the survey found that many owners to the new car smell is often taken for granted, the vast majority of car owners to buy new car, were inside the car are not formaldehyde, benzene, toluene emitted odors treatment, individual car owners to smell strange smell perfume, air fresheners and dispel the wrong way.
Nissan xiongfeng Dong Shaofeng pointed out that stores after sales manager, disinfected the cars new car owners are few. Foshan number 4S shop owner talks about new car car owners will seek vehicle disinfection processing, numerous businesses invariably gives a "little man" answers. Due to the air there is little demand for new cars, 4S shops including light catalyst, ozone disinfection sterilization indoor air treatment service is not much. In Foshan City of Faw Toyota car odor elimination service, but not much. Official said in an interview, although sales staff will promote this business, but only less than 10% cars at the air smells. But some people feel after some time in the car odor does not adapt to mend. By comparison, owner of musty old cars were more positive.
Authority: new car air pollution seriously endanger big
China indoor decoration Association indoor air monitoring center at 200 cars tested results found: If the reference to indoor air quality standards, 90% car formaldehyde or benzene content in the air inside the car over, and five or six times more than most of the vehicles in formaldehyde standard, new in-car air quality is the worst of them.
Environment test center in Guangzhou in 2000 after testing vehicle interior air quality and found a 92.5% in-car air quality problems with the vehicle. Decorative materials pollution comes mainly from motor vehicles, spare parts, paint, foam, fillers, leather dye and other objects of the car itself, pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, unpleasant odor inside the car also from those releases material. Another significant source of pollutants from vehicles its emissions of pollutants and other vehicles ' exhaust, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and so on.
Dong Shaofeng said, part of the new car from the factory to use time interval may be less than half a month. It is understood that although domestic auto production capacity substantially increased in recent years, but on the hot-selling vehicles, shortage is common. "Over half of car delivery, car owners left. "A lot of 4S shop owner said," the new car is more harmful to the human body. "Coupled with the average sedan cargo volume is generally about 2 cubic metres, narrow carriage space and good sealing and new car leads to more direct harm to the human body. In recent years pop the back seats fold into a bed, and greatly extended the time owners stayed in the car. Furthermore, emissions from engine heat, prolonged sun exposure, may lead to the materials in the car of volatilized harmful gas concentration increases. Studies have shown that formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the cars, in this kind of environment for too long, easily lead to passengers, such as dizziness, nausea, sneezing, or even lead to more serious diseases.
Outlook: in-car air quality standards or to be announced
Insiders believe that the publication of the determination of the will help manufacturers in accordance with uniform standards, for diagnostic testing for their products, and for in-car air standard of creating the necessary measurement conditions. With sampling and test methods of air pollutant concentrations in clear, is expected to in-car air quality standards should be not far off.
Foshan Rong Jun auto service station said Li Qixing, even in-car air quality standards as soon as possible, only to regulate the automotive parts and components, and the interior decoration materials, unable to change the current air quality of a large number of vehicles to the market.
In addition, the car outside of machine releases of pollutants, air pollution, and dust in the air, and other vehicle emissions are also important sources. Therefore, owner of consciousness raising awareness of the health hazards of air pollution through effective protection measures and reasonable way, in order to protect themselves, and occupant health.
Of the method for the determination of the
Provisions of the method for the determination of the detection process is the vehicle in a stationary State, inside the vehicle for sampling and measuring organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones. Check the environment does not include the car and while driving car pollution caused by exhaust into the vehicle or such vehicles often include high temperature, insolation conditions. In the process of determination of vehicle doors, Windows, crew compartment air inlet damper, engine and all other equipment such as air conditioners are turned off. Meanwhile, provides vehicle tested sampling environment should meet the following 4 conditions: the first is ambient temperature: 25 ° c ± 1 ℃; second, the relative humidity: 50% ± 10%; the third is the wind speed ≤ 0.3M/s; four are environmental background concentration: formaldehyde and toluene ≤ 0.02mg/M3 ≤ 0.02mg/M3. Under these conditions, the vehicles include formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone, Acrolein and other 15 measured aldehydes and ketones.
Clear measurements within the passenger compartment of motor vehicles of the method for determination of volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones sampling point set, sampling methods, sampling environmental conditions, technical requirements and equipment, and the corresponding measurement methods and equipment, data-processing, quality assurance, and so on. The publication of the determination of the will help manufacturers in accordance with uniform standards, for diagnostic testing for their products and for in-car air standard of creating the necessary measurement conditions. BACK