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Modern hotel standards of cleaning system

78 began comprehensive reform and opening up of China's market economy policy, and unveiled to the world, achieving comprehensive economic development began. Over the last 32 years of economic development, we lament that China has created a series of economic miracle in the world at the same time, also experienced the rapid development of China's hotel industry. According to incomplete statistics, in today's China star hotel with more than million facilities, and for service management system has also been developed. Facing the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games, we can predict that hotels will have a greater opportunity for development, releasing a greater market potential.
Certainly, more big of market opportunities also brings has more big of challenge and the more high of market requirements, we both full passion to meet global for we created of this new of development space, while also need more calm, and objective to analysis China Hotel currently by exists of insufficient, to for active of prepared and improved, makes future of opportunities real into hotel development of reality and career of success.
China hotel industry the shortage? And in what respect and Hotel International are still lags in comparison?
Hotel facilities in China has reached a higher level, but in terms of cleaning systems where there is much to be improved.
Hotel cleaning concepts should be updated as soon as possible, China 1,
Until currently, China Hotel is has formed basic of cleaning means, but due to on "cleaning" of understanding always stay in "dust" this a narrow of concept Shang, so and of tie of cleaning means also cannot produced big of breakthrough and development, sucking dust device, and wash to machine, and polishing machine these was considered Hotel cleaning General of clean equipment in solution Hotel surface dust this a basic clean requirements of while, also formed has hotel on modern cleaning concept of a errors, that by these equipment by get of clean is modern hotel cleaning standard, Of course there is no denying, those types of cleaning equipment for cleaning services at the hotel plays a very important role. Hotel cleaning but these are only the most basic means, and star of a truly international standard hotel with only basic services are not enough, it is impossible to gain more visitors in the fierce market competition concerns and trust.
Health open, it is a known truth. A daily reception of the tourists come from different parts of the world, different races, different lives and eating habits will bring about its various forms of bacteria or viruses.
China's existing cleaning methods can effectively limit the spread of bacteria and the different guests in the same room with each other on health threats and erosion?
Dust ≠ sanitation and health
Hotel as the turnover rate of the largest, most concentrated place, cleaning standards should be of three-dimensional cleaning system instead of the current two-dimensional cleaning means.
Hotels need to "cleaning" has a whole new understanding and awareness.
2, cleaning systems should be to extend and enrich the content of China Hotels
Cleaning update will bring the idea of cleaning content changes. Bird flu around the world, AIDS, hepatitis b ... ... Carefully study on request while keeping the original basic cleaning means, also will face a new cleaning challenges, such as what clean means so guests can feel free to use bathtub, toilet, vanity which now use cloth this simple cleaning tools dusting of sensitive areas?
Measures that could be in the kitchen floor, stove, table and wall formed by bacteria to achieve better health, health effects and for visitors to create a safer diet?
Hotel carpets, sofas and curtains there are generally a large number of mites and bacteria. More avant-garde to modern cleaning how to clean ideas and means to eliminate and prevent bacteria from breeding again, enabling guests to enjoy "walking barefoot health" happiness?
Swimming pool, sauna and fitness in the hotel is the close contact of the skin sensitive sites and visitors, cleaning means here to visitors in international hotel management and how to create more secure protection measures?
Hotel cleaning service needs to expand in China, maintains cleanliness the quality needs to deepen.
Hotel 3, cleaning should become an important measure of its advanced management system content and standards and updating margins.
The occurrence of avian influenza around the world make it "out, health is the first" this common sense to put more attention and recognition, and hotel cleaning also put forward higher requirements.
With a complete hardware facilities, advanced management level and avant-garde hotel in cleaning system not only to win more visitors trust, will also add a new profit space in the hotel operations, because travelers are willing to pay for their own health and even life. Careful accounting, we can reach the conclusion, a hotel with a full range of advanced cleaning system, advanced equipment of its input costs only increased in its quotation less than three dollars, and visitors what claims will not have a more hygienic, healthy and safe living environment and paying such a low cost?
Hotels in vicious price competition from a variety of causes which content is not updated, idea not prominent, not professional services is important content.
China Hotel existing with today of brilliant while also save with many insufficient and defects, face market to we brings of opportunities and challenge, calm analysis China Hotel cleaning status, to update of market concept, and more long-term of strategy perspective, timely introduced more with international modern hotel cleaning standard of system will more big limits to caters to visitors on health, and health of requirements and in this new of sensitive level formed new of hotel operating mode, to in fierce market in the effective to upgrade best brand effect. BACK