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Air conditioning cleaning methods

One, air cleaning agent usage:
1, disconnect the power, open the cover;
2, remove the filter, exposing the evaporator;
3, pull the air cleaning agent insurance cover
Shake 4, upper and lower shock;
5, air conditioning cleansing agent evenly into the evaporator, wait for 5 minutes, open air conditioning for 5 minutes (cooling),
Air conditioning cleansing agent is limited to air conditioning clean, do not on humans, fire blast, such as accidentally splash, rinse with water.
Recommended cleaning once every six months, (with 2P as an example) 250ml can be cleaned inside and outside time.
The second, a year washing
Air conditioning in several years of practice has proved that the air conditioner 2-3 best each year. Often air conditioning before starting the cleaning, air power Middle clean, air conditioning shut down clean, that makes more sense. Sometimes the air conditioning shut down, after a big cleaning maintenance, cleaning and other processes, air cover on the machine, wait until next year to open clean, filter is clean, before turning on the air conditioning in a clear exemption is cleaned twice a year, the effect is very good, save labor and costs, reduced operating costs, does not affect the cooling performance.
Third, the need for air conditioning clean:
Health experts in the eyes of unsanitary air conditioning that are not cleaned on a regular basis: the Sun all year round, dark and damp, the accumulation of dust, fibers, germs, viruses, molds, and mites. Odor, cause air-sickness, causing rough skin, one of the causes is the increased incidence of asthma among children in recent years. Meanwhile, clogging dirt effects of air conditioning and refrigeration, increased power consumption.
Focus on land in an office building, risk of atopic dermatitis "white collar" account for a large proportion. And it has a great relationship with central air conditioning in the Office building. Large office space, some bad building ventilation, to mites and other pathogens to provide easy environment. Many white-collar workers have spent the whole day in the Office, lunch, siesta also "foot out of the building", naturally susceptible to mite pests. BACK