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Three simple scenarios makes your balcony more beguiling

Three simple schemes make your balcony more beguiling
Like the way their own outdoor space, enjoying the Sun, experience comfortable and pleasant.
Entertainment room terrace, here playing with the pot, laughing talking rest or NAP is a pleasant thing.
Seat: woven iron rocking chair and horizontal one never tires of watching beauty couch, hand-crafted Birch armchair, enchanting natural flavor. Select pad other than the appearance, preferably made of waterproof sunscreen material into.
Cushions: outdoor furniture and ultimately, comfortable seats, in addition to the cheerful tone, wear-proof and rain proof performance is the key. Stripe mat bright colors bring a pleasant feeling, yellow-green, Orange and terrace of colorful flowers and green leaves against each other.
Moves to each other outside the restaurant to enjoy delicious! with flowers, table linen, exquisite tableware and lush vegetation creating a romantic atmosphere.
Flowers: flourishing balconies of potted plants to ease the atmosphere, helps to relax. On the terrace side of the flower box planting Ivy, extends outward branches connecting balcony and garden views. Put some herbs such as basil, can provide natural condiments for dinner.
Carpet: outdoors can choose waterproof woolen carpets, both comfortable and good quality. If the stain can also be sprayed polypropylene to clean, or handed over to the relevant professionals.
Tablecloths: select tablecloths with beautiful flower to create a warm and rustic atmosphere, so that the whole patio full of charming style. Tablecloth buying my own fabrics. BACK