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Scope of services

Comprehensive property management services

Comprehensive property management services
According to the actual projects, based on regional features and different building materials, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, luxury apartments, villas, industrial parks and other property projects providing comprehensive management services, effective protection, automation and other indicators of safety, comfort and convenience in line with standard.
Management of regional order maintenance, including Gates access, reception, security patrols, surveillance, fire and so on;
Regional traffic management, including road safety and command, parking, elevator and security management;
Cleaning, daily cleaning service and disinfectants, land reclamation and other special services;
Environmental afforestation and beautification and maintenance, routine maintenance of green space and manage the rent service, holiday green image layout services;
Equipment maintenance and management of regional management, maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities, effective implementation of equipment value;
Secondary management of engineering, decoration.

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