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Scope of services

Security services

Security services
(1) on the registration of personnel into the service area, control staff access
(2) when the carrying out of the service area, goods should be inspected regularly to prevent material loss of service area;
(3) for vehicles entering service, and vehicle mounted, registration, inspection, verification check, preventing without service areas allow dangerous items into the material or be taken out of service, in order to avoid accidents and cases;
(4) in and out of work such as dredging and parking of vehicles;
(5) every hour to take alignment and indeterminate lines combined with the patrol method to carry out inspections, suspicious of people, things, timely report to the public security organs, and work actively with the public security organ;
(6) to assist the service improve the security system, providing safety and self-protection capabilities.
(7) on the morning and evening rush hour Master Li gang gate security personnel for half an hour;
(8) agent configuration of security equipment, fire-fighting equipment to buy;
(9) for the client company to provide services such as Queuing, physical training of employees;
(10) fire control system and 24-hour monitoring of the perimeter alarm system;
(11) fire inspections, fire equipment inspection and testing of fire protection equipment, such as fire boxes, fire hoses and fire hydrants.
(12) with party a good fire safety precautions as a preventive measure.
(13) according to the customer needs to provide other related features. BACK