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The stone material renovates

The stone material renovates
The stone material renovates processing: renovation renovation Crystal face, terrazzo, Marble Granite polishing
  Due to stone after years of using and its natural of weathered, added to human of nursing improper, is easy led to its natural color and the brightness disappeared, was lacerated from; again decorative and cost too high, time too long, and marble refurbished process is is in very short of time within using chemical and physical of role, in original of based Shang through machine of grinding, and polishing, makes its recovery to original of brightness, color natural, brightness 100%, both economic and province Shi, using life in five years above.
  Using the tools: the stone material renovates, terrazzo machines, washing machines, marble polishing machine, vacuums absorbing water machine, diamond disc 6 Group, red cushion, white pads, special cleaning cloth
  Medications: stone abrasive Polish KP92, stone, stone protecting Agent
  According to the different marble damaged, refurbished machines with different diamond disc for polishing, must comply with the texture of stone lines operating until the stone material surface smooth and uniform color using abrasive match mat polished up penetrate and dry; polished with Polish combined with a cushion until dry, and finally spraying Protectant Polish until the brightness back. Refurbished stone surfaces depending on the material of its own highest brightness of up to 120 degrees or BACK