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Professional waxing services

Professional waxing services
Floor waxing causes: 1, protection of stone materials floor 2, increase the appearance 3, slip 4, easy to clean:
Analysis of surface:
1 granite, marble, terrazzo, hard ground (wax-wax and facial at the end of each two times better) mirror tiles, porcelain tiles, glazed (wax well, easy off)
2, soft ground rubber flooring, PVC material series 3, the floor wood flooring solid wood flooring, laminate flooring ...
Note: the soft surface texture, wood flooring such as waxing treatment required, it is best to use clean high gloss wax without polishing.
Tools: cleaning machines, water machines, high speed polishing machine, drying machine, wax, squeeze the water tanker kits, towels, or Tiger, signs and rags.
Pharmacy: high speed polishing waxes, floor waxes, parabolic-free wax, floor cleaner (acid detergent, Almighty water) water, mild detergent or wax.
1, clear ground debris, and erecting signs;
2, with a neutral cleaning agent to clean the ground.
3, in a clean, dry surface luodi waxes twice, air-dried;
4, the end of the wax after drying, twice falling onto its surface wax, dried;
5, after the wax surface dry thoroughly, with high speed polishing pad for even, uniform polishing machine.
6, waxing and polishing floors, bright and clean, natural mirror is above 90%, sensory effect is very high.
Note: 1, the operation must be strictly in accordance with the procedure: criss-cross, cross, as thin as possible, and more even better.
2, wax works best between 5-40 degrees.
3, free clean high gloss wax wax, high speed polishing wax, repair, are not within a 24-hour play four more times, wax and facial at the end of the wax must be used in conjunction, you cannot achieve good results. BACK